Poetic Justice for all!



The project: Seven poets, 14 poems each. Seven individually-numbered books. Each poet puts two poems in each book, decorated as he or she sees fit.

The outcome: Seven one-off poetry collections showcasing some of the best work from our Poetic Justice regulars. 

The Poetic Justice Justice for All books are complete, and on a recent winter’s evening we gathered to draw numbers out of a hat (or was it a tea cosy?) and take home our unique copies, stitched, signed and ready to read.

Thanks to Simon King for designing and producing the beautiful books, and to the participating poets for their words: Jan Kelly, Gwenda Rowlands, Annabel Wilson, Laura Williamson, Simon King, Libby Paulin and Liz Breslin.

Gwenda, Jan, Simon and Annabel checking out the goods

Seven books, 14 poems each: that’s 98 poems, dontcha know.

Not one of these books is quite like the other

Liz couldn’t make it, but she was in us in text!

One Response to “Poetic Justice for all!”

  1. 1 liz breslin

    hey there’s my text!!!!!
    does that make me famous????

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