Open Mic wrap up 18 April


Thanks to all who joined us for our 18 April “Local Colour” themed Open Mic night. We had a great time and enjoyed the company of several international students from AUT down in Wanaka on a South Island roadie. Well done especially to Nickie from Sweden, who recited her gorgeous poem Snowflinga in her native language. We don’t know what she said, but it was beautiful.

Congrats also to Gwenda, who cleaned up once again, getting serveral votes for each of her poems, Insomnia St. and Post Mortem. She also offered some useful advice when one audience member asked what we thought the meaning of life was. Gwenda’s answer: to live through as much of it as possible. Indeed.

Join us on May 9 for our next Open Mic session. We’ll have the fire going by then.

Gwenda and Poem Bunny get reaquainted.



The Poetic Justice sign up sheet - literary history in the making?

An international crowd checks out Wanaka’s poetry scene.

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