Poetic (in)Justice wrap up

Thanks to everyone who came along and shared their protest poems at the Poetic (in)Justice Open Mic Night. We had everything from war poems to James K Baxter’s commentary on mixed flatting.  It was moving, thought-provoking and, at times, funny, and it all helped us highlight International PEN Day of the Imprisoned Writer. Read more about PEN here: www.internationalpen.org.uk.
In the end the winner was Judith with a reading of The Golf Links by Sarah Norcliffe Cleghorn. Congratulations as well to Gwenda Rowlands who won the Open Mic session and took home a bottle of Olssesns Gewurztraminer as well as a chance to spend the month with Poem Bunny.
Here are a few snaps from the evening:

Annabelle reliquishes guardianship of Poem Bunny to Gwenda.

Judith cradles her prize, a bottle of Olssens Nipple Hill Pinot Noir.

Wanaka poetry fans agree there is no such thing as protesting too much...


It's official: Chris Horan proves that Siegfried Sassoon sounds best in Liverpudlian.


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