A day in a boat shed


Poetic Justice members Laura, Liz and Simon recently attended a poetry workshop with Glenn Colquhoun at the Boatshed Studio in Broad Bay, on the Otago Peninsula. The venue was stunning – views of Port Chalmers across the harbour and glimpses of the sea through the floorboards. We had a great time meeting and sharing our work with other writers, as well as showcasing what Glenn called the “dark side” of Wanaka (apparently we all have a wee tendency towards morose subject matter).

The workshop was made possible by the Anna and John Caselberg Charitable Trust, which manages the Caselberg House, an artists’ and writers’ retreat, and supports creativity in the community. To learn more, check out the Caselberg Trust here.

Simon, Liz and Laura with Glenn Colquhoun and a very groovy boat shed

5 Responses to “A day in a boat shed”

  1. 1 Matt Harcombe

    A morning with Glenn Colquhoun

    We meet across marmalade and coffee
    Words waiting to come
    He is here
    Standing in divine light
    While cars snake around Portobello road
    Not hearing our words in the boat shed below

    We play with those words
    Telling stories
    Tuwhare them up a bit he says
    OOOOh aaaaahhh
    Tongue coming out
    Powerpoles line the McCahon hills across the harbour
    Above his preaching hands

    I can see now why
    His book was called Playing God
    He plays it well
    With words

    Hereweka lends a listening ear
    Framed by an old window
    After too much coffee we return to the words
    He shapes them almost like Christ himself might have done
    Some holy orator
    With too many moments to hold

  2. So what you’re saying, Matt, is that Glenn’s divine? Right?

    • 4 Matt Harcombe

      well actually what i was saying that i was blown away by his ability to use words
      considering it almost god like
      so yes in a way
      but there are also a whole bunch of other links in there as well
      like you could interpret that i was commenting on where Glenn actually got his words from
      or that i was saying that perhaps Christ was not the chosen one at all but just an amazing man with words and that suited some political movement at the time and that other words were written to fit the story
      or maybe i am just saying that i really enjoyed the day that it blew me away in some kind of divine like way and i made the link with the peninsula because i think that about the location as well
      or maybe it was just some words on a bit of paper in a boat shed in broad bay

      • Matt,

        I was also gobsmakerelled by Glenn’s ability to get to the heart of the words, or not even of the words, but of the poem. I re-learned a thing or two about ruthless and relentless editing, for sure.

        thanks for letting us post the poem anyway, and we might see you up here sometime.

        All the best,


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