Poetic Justice Men’s Night


It rained men at Poetic Justice last Monday night, and, even better, they were men reading poems. It seems there’s nothing like a free drink to bring out the inner bard in the staunchest of Southern men. Thanks to all the fellas shared their work with us, and an extra tip of the hat to those of you read for the first time ever. We were honoured.

Congrats to Matt Town, who took out Best Poem with Memory Undone, and walked away with a bottle of Olssens Chardonnay. And don’t forget to join us next month, Monday 10 May, at 8pm. Our featured reader will be 2008 Robert Burns fellow Sue Wooton.

Poetic Justice regular Simon King (and last month’s Best Poem winner) wrote a poem especially for Men’s Night. It was so good we made him read it twice. Here it is:

Man Drought

In Wanaka there’s a man drought
At least that’s what they say
But there must be some about
I saw a few today

The women all were pensive
We don’t want just any lout
He must be strong and sensitive
A poet, there’s no doubt

The poetic poetesses all agree
We’ll sort the wheat from chaff
We’ll get them reading poetry
… And we’ll have a laugh.

The ladies began to wonder
How to trap this creature
We want them for our plunder
So wine must surely feature.

And so the plot was hatched
Olssen’s brought the wine
To ensure every woman matched
With a poetic man so fine

 The poets read their lines
In a strong and manly way
In their hand a glass of wine
For which they did not pay

‘More verse’ the women sighed
‘What will it take?’ they ask.
‘More drink’ the men replied
‘Bring out another cask.’

When the evening ended
And all the couples paired
To their homes they wended
Souls and more were bared

Women were filled with hope
For when they got them back
But the men just couldn’t cope
They fell senseless in the sack

Ladies, listen without fail
(If you want a feast that’s sweet)
To the moral of this tale-
Don’t over marinate the meat.

Simon King, Wanaka 

In case you were wondering, this is what a room full of male poets looks like.

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