Open Mic Night roundup, 15 March


Thanks to all who joined us last Monday for another great night of wine and poetry, and congratulations to Simon King, whose Villanelle of a Southern Man took out Best Poem honours. Well done, Simon, hope you enjoyed your bottle of Olssens riesling! Read Simon’s work on our Best Poems page.

Thank you also to featured reader Jan Kelly, whose stunning work  reminded us that small towns sometimes breed big talent.

Coming up:  Poetic Jutice Men’s Night — an Open Mic Night with something a little extra special for the boys. Details below!

Simon King accepts a bottle of Olssens Riesling as prize for Best Poem, while Laura and Liz admire his waistcoat

Featured reader Jan Kelly

2 Responses to “Open Mic Night roundup, 15 March”

  1. 1 Simon

    In case you wonder what to wear to an open mic night……..

    • Love the looks! I reckon we look way cooler in our hats and frocks.. Although I’m intimidated by the number of male poets Joe Cottonwood seems to attract. We need to lift our game

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