Poetic Justice packs Pa Runga


Thanks to all who joined us on Febrary 15 to see poets from here and abroad join Brian Turner in reading at Poetic Justice. Pa Runga was bursting at the seams with over 45 audience members, a record night.

Funding from the Upper Clutha Community Arts council allowed us to bring in a poet of Brian’s calibre, and we’re all the better for it. Well done to Dave from Sweden who charmed the voters with his poem First Night, and walked off with a bottle of wine from Olssens. You can read his winning poem on the Best Poems page of this site.

Next up: featured poet Jan Kelly joins us for our next night of words and wine.

Cartographer Jan hails originally from Akatore and comes our way after 30 years in Auckland living with 10 acres of Kauri forest. Her love of wild palces is reflected in her work, which has appreared in magazines including Takahe, Poetry NZ, Printout, Spin, Kapiti Poems. She also published “In The Forest” in 2006 with Three Poets:Wanaka Writers.

Join Poetic Justice and Jan Kelly at Pai Runga wine bar on Monday, 15 March at 8pm.

Brian Turner

Best poem winner David Jackson shows off his prize

Poery fans mingle at Pa Runga

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